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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

30 Day Journal - Day 1

Today's Journal Prompts:

Beginning this 30 Day Journal Project feels daring because…
Write down an achievement you feel proud of:
In order to have (your proud achievement), I had to dare to begin…
Do these same two prompts together with as many achievements you wish, then connect the dots. What patterns emerge?
Your task:
Do one or more of these prompts.

I think is quite self - explanatory - taking a risk knowing it will lead to something better.


Kathyk said...

And YAY YOU! for daring to do it too - gr8 layout


SARN said...

Very brave . . . and a great journal page xxx

June Macfarlane said...

Debbie thats a beautiful and inspiring piece.

catherine said...

Fabulous page Debs and a big achievement for you. Love the image looking so free
x catherine

lilian said...

great sentiment Debs. great piece of work