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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Book of Days - Longing

See post below if you want to see how she started out :)

She is called Longing and I wrote my rant along the outline - it basically explains explains that I an longing for the drama to stop - after a phone call about my niece and she wrote something on facebook that one side of the family didn't like that resulted in lots of arguments and angry phone calls.....I am so BORED of people creating drama!  

and the comment - along the lines of 'thanks to my Mum for her help over the past couple of months'

hoping you are not experiencing this kind of rubbish and having a calm serene weekend 


Kathyk said...

Hi there

Well it doesn't LOOK like a particularly inflammatory comment but ... families eh?!?!?! Good luck with getting the drama to stop.

Your journal page is looking fab and I am loving your use of strong colours

See you in under a fortnight and we'll catch up in real time!


Clare Lloyd said...

She turned out wonderfully debs. Sorry to hear about your family dramas!

Lauren Hatwell said...

Wow! She's amazing Debs. She turned out GREAT and I LOVE the colours.

Hugs Lx

Cherry said...

A powerful piece of journaling Debs. Loving her and how you have used colours and made her so dynamic. Hope you have a more peaceful week. Hugs C xxx

SARN said...

You're really good at drawing faces and heads. Something I should try and get better at methinks.

All calm & serene for me, as I don't belong to FB, and never shall! I like positivity in my life, not negativity!

Hugs, Sarn xxx