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Monday, 18 March 2013


Everyone seems to be moving over to bloglovin as google reader is going and we will lose our lists of blog we follow (apparently).

I have signed up to it as I didn't want to lose them but now i have google friends, linky followers and bloglovin...are these the same things ? which of these will go?

I am being completely IT illiterate so any help/advise gratefully received......

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Kathyk said...

I signed up with bloglovin too - as it was a nice easy way to keep abreast of the blogs I follow. Easily transferring my current list. I am also signed up with the other but not sure how that keeps track of the blogs you follow - guess it will all become clear once Google reader disappears!!!

See? You're not the only confused blogger!


coops said...

as far as i can tell you will still see blogs you follow in your dashboard.it is only blogs you signed up to follow via google reader that will go.
I don`t use google reader, only my dashboard and looking on the blogger help forum they are saying exacty the same, your dashborard will remain the same and so will your followers.i will hang fire for now.i remember something ike this happening last year too.
doesn`t take much to confuse me.lol.

xx coops xx