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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Blog Etiquette

I consider myself fairly new to blogging and perhaps do not know all the rules. I just happened to notice another blog had added multiple links back to their blog at the end of my posts. I do not know how longthey have been there. I feel if you want to advertise on someone's blog you should ask first. I have removed the link option on my post. I welcome your opinions even if you disagree with me :)


Cherry said...

Seems very rude to me Debs. I've not seen it around blog land so I can't imagine it's ok without at least asking the person. I'm assuming the link was in their comment? I'll keep my eyes out for it. Have a good eve. Hugs Cherry XXX

Kathyk said...

I've recently noticed this myself and think it's ok . . . . WITH PERMISSION or if the link back to their blog includes a comment pertinent to your blog.


Craftyrose said...

I'm with you Debs and Cherry. I think it's rude. You should ask permission first!xx