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From x stitch I moved into card making - now I am playing around with mixed media! I am taking part in different workshops and with help from crafty pals, learning about different mediums and techniques. Hope you feel inspired to create after a visit to my blog - Happy Crafting!

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sorry things have been quiet

on here but we moved house last month and I have been up to my eyes in exams and coursework. Can't wait for it all to be over so I can start crafting again!

Although I did sneek a little bit in with friends in Swindon..

and spending some time in the garden

and have turned this...

into this..

Hope your weekend is going well!


Kathyk said...

Well, you are entirely forgiven Debs! It was great to meet up and craft with you last weekend and I have to say that your craft room is looking great - I'm experiencing all kinds of crafting envy!

See you next weekend too


catherine said...

Hi Debs and glad the move went ok and your settling in. Great pics of your craft room. Hope I can get mine to look as good!!. Hope you all had a great time at the workshop - looks like it from the pic!
Hope everything has also been going ok with the exams and coursework and you are slowing down a bit now
x catherine